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FOUR damn years. And this Sakshi Tanwaar (old Parvati and now Swati Dixit) of Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii still needs some hardcore classes in voice modulation. Just watching her struggle to stretch her funny and hammy vocal cords yesterday calling over to her old husband Om, who's had a new Parvati (a much restrained n poised Jaya Seal), gave me some much needed laughter. As the day draws closer as to who actually is the real Parvati, I expect the revelation to be damn damn damn stupid. And yet I await it. Because I am as clueless as the characters crowding this daily. And this cluelessness is genuine.

Okay, I'll confess this. There's a degree of earnestness visible on the faces of almost all the characters of KGGK that's hooked me to it for years now. I might have skipped it for months in a row, but it just takes some one episode to rope me back into their eccentric, howl-n-cry melodramatic world. What roped me this time around was the dilemma the new Parvati goes through as she undergoes a cosmetic surgery. The introspection of the character was in fact handled so sensitively, it did bring a lump or two in my throat. But yes, with all the muck about the old Parvati running off to Australia to some mission and planting a whole new woman posing as herself just around the corner, it all seems like a good cause down the drain.

This drag about revelations seem to have caught up bigtime ever since Ekta's cast her eye on the idiot box, and seems to have finally infected Kkehna Hai Kuchch Mujhko where the otherwise smart-n-savvy Pallavi Joshi still doesn't catch the twig in his libidinous hubby's beard, making us wait for one more week for that one shamelessly entertaining aamna-saamna. You just can't keep an actress of Joshi's caliber down and its so visible in the nuances and layers this lady adds to even the most monosyllabic characters she plays(remember Justujoo and Bhanwar?). Case in point the last episode where she comforts her teenage daughter (who looks more like her younger sister) from the boyfriend-dilemma; the compassion, and the sincerity was so high in that one scene that I realised that for a performer, its the maturity that matters and not a trivial measure like age (its another thing that there are 19 year olds masquerading as mothers of 25 year olds, but we'll talk about it some other day.)

With Achint Kaur again hogging some screen time on Kittie Party, life and direction seems to trickle in after a long time here. But the hangover from months of uncontrolled hamming by Poonam Dhillon, Kavita Kapoor, and Kunika will take some time to wear off. The whole track of Kavita getting stabbed, her new psychotic friend from Dubai dropping suddenly and drooling over the haggard Kiran Kumar, and the re-entry of the witchy Kunika and Lolo in the scene has given this serial much disgrace. Can't understand why suddenly makers resort to such beaten-to-death C-grade sequences. Hope this shall revive for the better.

Oh yea, Zee's new take on prime time "Tamanna House" is so tacky, artificial and howlarious both in its writing, conceptualisation and execution that one's better off listening to some gobbledygook by Shekhar Suman. While the squeaky Ruby Bhatia looks again too thin for her evening gown (supposedly this is some bizarre murder mystery where the couple-Ruby and Jas Arora are partying on their divorce. Only 10 guests are invited, but neither of the couple is allowed to ask the guests who has invited them or they'll end up paying 5 crores...duh!), Jas Arora can easily give Armaan Suri of Jassi some competition in animated histrionics. The only respite in this over-the-top hamming machine was the cocky Uppassna (abba-dabba-chabba lass from Judaai) whose comic timing as the phunny and influential female don triggered some genuine laughs.

While definitely there are two nerve-wrecking motion pictures waiting to trigger dormant migraines courtesy Salman-bare-all-Khan (Mujhse Shaadi Karogi and Garv), the reason why I wanted to chip this para in here is because one just can't get enough of Shilpa Shetty. She does all that butt-busting, waist-snapping and belly-shaking with such wild abandon, rigour and fluidity, that one can't help but slurp and slurp and (okay, I'll spare the details).

Oh yea, catching up with unseen seasons of ER first thing every morning is such a delight... wow! Maybe I'l have a separate blog for ER, whatsay?

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